Hello, my name is Ronald Kah and I am music composer for soundtracks near Berlin, Germany. Since 2014 I produce soundtrack music for movies, games, and radio plays.


I produce electronic-, orchestral, guitar music and soundtracks for film, movies and games.

About me

Here You can find information about life, musical work and a overview about my soundtracks.


Articles about my projects, my findings on the internet and tips about music production.

Audio sample of my soundtrack music

As sound clip I recommend You the teaser song I wrote for the fan film Star Trek: Dark Horizon. The movie was produced by the roleyplay group USS K'Ehyler from Berlin. The movie celebrated its premiere on the 15th of august in 2015 and was published few days later on Youtube. It was a honor to be part of the film crew by contributing the soundtrack of the film.

  1. Teaser Song | Horizon

Music for Your Youtube Video

Contact me if you are looking for free music for Your projects. My Page Music Genres provides You an overview about my music. If You need unique music I can compose the appropriate soundtrack music for your intro, radio plays, short film .